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Madhavi Doki



About Madhavi Doki 

Madhavi Doki is a self-made success story. Throughout her impressive career, she has earned a positive reputation for acquiring companies and increasing their profit margins within a short period of time, in addition to expanding their positions in prospective industries.

Living and working in McLean, Virginia, Madhavi currently owns Insigma, Inc., an IT staffing firm with headquarters in Rockville, Maryland. Insigma is an Information Technology company that provides clients with high-quality software development, consulting, and staffing solutions. Their customer list includes the world’s top firms due to Insigma’s stellar reputation for increasing productivity, revenue, and shareholder value. Under Madhavi Doki’s leadership, Insigma’s clients experience surges in company agility and gain a stronger foothold in the world’s changing business climate.

After earning her undergraduate degree in Psychology, Madhavi Doki realized she had an innate ability for business and entrepreneurship instead of the healthcare field. After moving from India to the United States, Madhavi acquired her first company, a professional services firm focused on IT management and support. Because of Madhavi’s influence, the company went on to expand into IT security services, medical equipment procurement, medical transcribing, hardware resale and solutions, and healthcare staffing. Having a medical degree gave Madhavi Doki’s valuable insight into the industry, which was one of the many reasons her company became so successful. 

Madhavi Doki capitalized on her success and acquired another firm, Neathawk Dubuque & Packett (NDP). Her search began because Madhavi was seeking to invest in an ad agency to help promote Insigma and her other companies. Madhavi ultimately decided to use NDP exclusively to supply her advertising and marketing needs, knowing that an in-house team of experts to promote her businesses would be a worthwhile investment. NDP was ecstatic to join Madhavi’s family of companies, knowing there would be no staffing changes, only expansion down the road. 

In addition to running several businesses, Madhavi Doki is also family-oriented. She took nearly a decade off to raise her children and still finds time to balance life and work. She spends her free time with her family, enjoying travel and outdoor activities. 

Madhavi is also heavily involved with philanthropy and gives her time, money, and resources to several charities that are close to her heart. To read more about Madhavi’s altruistic efforts, visit her other website,

Madhavi Doki’s Past Entrepreneurship Ventures


Madhavi Doki founded this firm in 1997. The company specialized in IT support and Information Services Management. Throughout her time with CSI, Madhavi Doki increased the customer base and profit margin at a steady rate. Three years after forming the firm, Madhavi had increased revenues from $125,000 to $11.9 million.  

Insigma, Inc.

Madhavi acquired this company in 2021, after taking time off to raise her children. Because of her knowledge in the IT space, Madhavi was quick to achieve profitability again and doubled the revenue of Insigma Healthcare within 4 months of joining the company. 


Madhavi’s latest venture is the acquisition of an advertising firm that specializes in media. NDP already has a substantial placement in the world of marketing and Madhavi Doki plans to utilize the networked connections and contracts with local and state agencies, as well as acquire and develop new contacts.

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