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Nowadays, it feels as if entrepreneurship is being pursued at a faster rate than ever before. Between wanting to control one’s own schedule, pursue a passionate side hobby and be your own boss, entrepreneurship is becoming a popular career path. On its own, entrepreneurship has its individual pros and cons, but the list is even lengthier for female entrepreneurs.

Pro: You Can Create a Woman-Friendly Workplace

For centuries, women have grown up to pursue a career in a “man’s world.” However, this status quo has been challenged in recent years, and rightfully so, as gender equality remains a relevant topic. Women have made much progress towards being viewed as equal counterparts in the workplace, but toxic work cultures still exist underneath many a man’s leadership. As a female entrepreneur, you get to create a woman-friendly workplace that not only values equality but provides resources for women to thrive.

Con: They Have Trouble Funding Their Business

Money is an essential part of beginning a business. Aspiring business owners go through enough hurdles trying to raise money for their business and reach out to investors, but female entrepreneurs often have an even more difficult time securing this funding. Due to the existing gender bias many people still hold, female entrepreneurs are often less likely to be taken seriously. These rooted stereotypes lead to female entrepreneurs getting less investment money, often having to rely on their own financial means to fund their businesses.

Pro: Female Entrepreneurs Excel in Multi-Tasking

Although female entrepreneurs try to stray as far from stereotypes as they can, there is no denying that women are professional multi-taskers. From mothers balancing work and breastfeeding to older women powering through menopause symptoms at work, it is evident that the female population excels in multi-tasking. Multi-tasking is a beneficial strength to have in entrepreneurship, as business owners have to juggle multiple responsibilities each day. With females already being talented multi-taskers, this especially benefits them in their careers.

Con: Many Have to Consider Their Families

While parenting should be an equal role, there is still an underlying expectation for females to do the majority of their childcare. Even if their children are in daycare or have a babysitter, many newer mothers have to juggle a feeding schedule and post-partum symptoms with work. Even with the progress made towards equality, many female entrepreneurs have to consider their families as they try to begin a business and may feel held back by this responsibility.